When and Where can you buy the Nintendo Switch??

25.05.2020, 17:31

Short answer (to spoiled kids): You can’t… so there! 



Seriously though, if you want to buy the full Nintendo Switch console, it’s not so easy right now. In fact, it’s pretty impossible to get a new one anytime soon. Manufacturing issues due to Coronavirus have caused delays and shortages across the board. Nintendo are apparently accelerating production by as much as 10%. The popularity of Animal Crossing: New Horizons with its host of social play features hasn’t helped the situation during lockdown.


You can purchase the Switch Lite in the meantime, which is a great option, but with the main console 'you get the full glory of TV mode with Joy-Con controllers (HD Rumble and IR camera included), plus the Tabletop Mode and Handheld option. For bigger families and more social play this is the wisest choice.[Read more about the difference between the Switch Lite and the main one at our previous post here.] 


The Switch in general has proven successful with its strong design, family features (such as the parental control smartphone app) and handful of stand-out games since the open world of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It goes to show, this is all it really takes to compete with the likes of Microsoft and Sony. However, Nintendo have always occupied a family-friendly gaming space where younger kids can play bright, fun action or adventure games, and still play the more mainstream titles as they grow up.


So, where and when can you buy one? Well, unless you can find a friend who’s looking to swap theirs for a PC instead, or who are already saving up for the PS5, latest Xbox etc, then you’ll have to look online at second hand item-selling sites (or local Facebook pages) or for reconditioned models. But... beware those prices.


It might be better to just twiddle your thumbs and do the worst thing imaginable in these fast, super-connected, high-tech times…. Wait a while.


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