5 Quick Alternatives to Youtube for Earning Money (2019+)

28.02.2019, 10:11

Some online videos get regular quantities of fresh hits while some just hit that spot and ‘go viral’ drawing a lot of attention towards their creators. Others get more longer-term or ‘evergreen’ views because they are providing valuable info that is searched for. But what will they discover if/when they look deeper at your whole channel or collection of vids?



Youtube can provide a decent, regular source of income if you can tap into an audience looking for certain regular style, format or content that keeps them motivated or excited about some subject. They will sit through your ads and come back to experience your next update that feeds into an interest or excitement.


Once you have your ‘thing’, you will find there are other places to post your videos, that can earn sources of income that are more direct. They remove advertising and pay creators directly, by the implementation of a native ‘token’ or cryptocurrency that lives on the platform, and can have other purposes. Let’s take a look at a few up and coming alternatives to Youtube.




VIEW is the token at View.ly, and which pays its contributors. You can also use the VIEW tokens you earn to vote on other videos, helping to spread the token, and support great or like-minded creators.




DTube is part of the popular Steem Blockchain, with its different dapps that connect to it. This means anyone with a Steemit account will find it easy to log-in at DTube. If you haven’t got a Steem account yet, it’s well worth creating one over at Steemit.com. You can earn STEEM and support videos (again, free from any advertising) via uploading or voting, and can even promote them over at Steemit.com.



DLive and Sliver.tv


DLive was originally another Steem project, but is now on the Lino Blockchain. It’s a decentralised streaming platform with an emphasis on being community-owned, and with its own reward scheme and rewards pool. Check out the starter info here. Sliver.tv is also a streaming platform with an exciting new infrastructure that rewards not only streamers but those hosting the stream using Theta and ThetaFuel token.



Finally, Tv-Two.com is a little different. Here, you watch selected adverts - and complete tasks -  via an app, which is available on major mobile platforms. The app links with your smartTV. For time spent watching you get paid in the TTV - an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. It’s early days it seems for this project, but it will be interesting to keep both ‘eyes on’ ;) Also, be sure to check out the popular Brave browser (and BAT token) because this also intends to implement ads that you can watch in exchange for BAT.


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