Dive into 'The Sandbox' and get Rewarded!

29.08.2020, 13:47

What is The Sandbox? Is it a game or is it a platform? Is it a marketplace or a creative canvas? All of these? It's certainly shaping up to be an impressive platform for ticking all the right boxes: playing, creating (assets and mini-games), collecting, community and governing. Members get the chance to do all of these things, contributing towards its content, design and voting on proposals that may evolve or move the platform forwards. It's like being an investor in a game, not just a player - and if you're the one playing and liking the game, then so you should be! You can now own your share of its potential success (for once!) or hold a stake in it.



You could think of The Sandbox as the next generation of Minecraft and Roblox, powered by blockchain technology, and its community. Blockchain tech allows anything (currency, land or items) to be unique, like The Sandbox’s in-game currency (SAND) and rewards, plus any assets designed and created in the creation tools, so they can then be traded on global, digital marketplaces.



This can bring a strong, incentivised aspect to creation that allows anyone to earn from their engagement and creative work on the platform. 


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This monetized aspect is optional. You could be interacting with the game for some time, creating, world-building and game-making, without noticing that you could be earning tokens, selling your creations, that can be swapped for real money.


Selling is of course a mark that your work is valued or desired by the community. It can be a big confidence boost. In fact, there is currently a fund set up for early creators to reward them for getting involved with the game and creating something. Now is the time!


The Sandbox uses the Ethereum blockchain to register its information about its assets and transactions. Spending Ethereum is another way to buy currency for the game for buying new things, including land on which to build. 



At PrizesDrop.com you can save up our points by completing various mini-tasks like watching ads and doing surveys. Check out how it all works here. When you have enough points then you can swap them for free voucher codes, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and increase your experience in The Sandbox. 


Blockchain-based Games: The Future?


There are some other projects exploring how a blockchain-based currency can carve out an 'ecosystem of value' around a creative online game, thereby increasing its longevity, depth, community, engagement and creativity.

If you're looking to get involved in these kind of games and projects, then be sure to check out Nine Chronicles, Decentraland and Cryptovoxels. Getting rewards for playing and creating games and designing assets? What could be better? 


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