Postal 4: the best fun game for Halloween?

23.10.2019, 14:14

No, it's not scary, but... it's fun: Postal 4: 'No Regerts' (out now on Steam from Running with Scissors) might be better described as the best ‘anti-game’ you could buy, which is enough fun in itself, for high Halloween japery.



It’s an open-world or sandbox FPS game which means you can explore randomly, being well-behaved and careful to get on completing ‘errands’, or... instead… go rather ‘postal’. (It's out now on Steam as Early Access. We offer free Steam codes and vouchers, as long as you 'go postal' on our enough mini-errands(!) and save up enough points.) 

So who says pure violence can’t be therapeutic? Luckily, it’s just a game, and despite the level of gratuitous gore it manages to seem - somewhat - unrealistic. That's a good thing, but it's still not one for the kids.


You could even say it’s a bit like Grand Theft Auto with ‘Grit’ and ‘Gore’ settings pumped up to max. The satirical setting is also on high. This takes you back to Duke Nukem days, where suddenly Doom-style violence became real-world and funny in video games.  We’ve even got a change of voice actor for the ‘Dude’ you’ll be controlling. None other than Jon St. John, the original voice of Duke Nukem. 


All this may sound like nothing new, but it’s in the gruesome level of freedom and ‘delightful’ detail, that produces higher levels of emergent, farcical opportunities than ever before. Not to mention, creative opportunities for pure disorder and disobedience. There’s something really unrestrained about Postal 4, and this relish makes it the best contender for a Halloween take-down. It’s a Youtube streamer’s dream come true. In fact, it's already being received well, so go check out some hilarious clips.


So how does all the humor manifest? Well, let’s just say that you can race mobility scooters down the street, running over fellow citizens who annoy you. And you can piss in toilets. 


Just take a look at that trailer. 



Early Access = lots to look forward to


Perhaps the coolest thing about Postal 4 is the chance to see it develop from where it is.


Right now, it’s Early Access, but it’s those enjoying the game, giving feedback, supporting it financially, who will get to participate and experience in its gradual improvement by the same team that made Postal 2. I think most of the community would like to forget about Postal 3. 


Scrolling down through the page on Steam, you can see all the plans and ideas they’ve got in store for Postal 4, from the AI to the main errands, side errands and well, most of everything else actually.


How to support the small, but dedicated development team:


"Initially, we will be using the in-game Feedback system (where players can submit feedback, along with a screenshot, directly from within game) along with the Steam Community Hub and our Discord server to monitor feedback and collect information as well as post updates about our progress. We will be making updates with various minor improvements often and aim to have bigger content updates each month, all accompanied with full change logs."


It’s a great opportunity for budding game-designers out there to get involved with a game’s development as it is today, and help move it forward via suggestions and play-testing. 



So how will the finished game end up? 


"POSTAL 4, much like POSTAL 2, will be split up into 5 days (Monday to Friday) with a new set of errands to finish each day. As you progress through the days, the game’s map will open up to reveal more of the world."


At present, only around a quarter of the planned final world is available to explore. The finished version will have lots of variation and graphical enhancements, with the ultimate aim of having a lot more space - and opportunities - to cause chaos.


Available now on Steam. See also the developer website plus Steam key from Running with Scissors.

Of course, here at Prizes Drop we offer free steam codes and free Steam vouchers for our members completing enough mini-tasks like finishing surveys, watching ads etc. So, if you're interested in saving up for this title, fire up your dashboard today and select a new 'errand' to do.

Extra note


There were some great things about the 1990s. Like Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness and Duke Nukem 3D. We didn't know this, but a mod of the original Duke Nukem 3D game 'Serious Duke 3D' has been made, which even takes it into VR. Hail to the King, baby! 






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