We need to talk about: Axie Infinity

01.10.2021, 11:55

There's a lot going on with Axie Infinity, and its rising success as both a game and an investment opportunity.


Money and games? Surely they don't mix. Games are about fun. What does this mean for games in general? What is play-to-earn? Haven't we been here before? The answer is yes, and no.


There will always be free games. However, they will be old. New ones will all have monetary incentive, soon. And they will probably have NFTs too. 


Axie Infinity is another rung on the ladder of where many video games are headed, fast. And video games with whole 'ecosystems' too. The ones which are very different to any game before, and which solve many a problem as to who controls a game, and who controls its items and assets. And - where those assets are registered. In this case, on a globally trusted, globally accessible blockchain ledger called Ethereum. 


Yes, you can earn money, NFTs and all this stuff, as with former games like CS Go. But things are different this time. We're not going to explain it all here. This is an introductory overview at best, since here at Prizes Drop we love all things crypto and NFT. 


It's a journey of discovery for game-players everywhere to make, and begin to appreciate the importance of what's behind game for once, or under the hood.


The first thing to know is that Axie Infinity is just something starting to demonstrate the true power of crypto and NFTs. There are other games (like CryptoKitties), and there will be more. 


Who is running this thing?


Like any game, developers and designers created Axie Infinity (Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese developer). However, the project has its own governance token (AXS) traded globally, and allows players to have a vote on the future of the game, and get a share of the treasury.


There are games emerging, which no-one has really created. All assets and environments are being shaped by its community and users. That's another subject. 


In the past, game 'ecosystems' were controlled by the companies behind them. Grey marketplaces rose up and allowed players to buy and sell items or skins, or World of Warcraft gold for example, got into hot water and were just not as secure or approved by the company who really owned their rights.


But this demonstrated - very clearly - how game-world assets produce a market: Players and lovers of various games clearly adore the art of owning things and enhancing their experiences within games. 


And what if these things you own, could breed and create more things? Dynamic NFTs.


This article is just a starting point. Head over to the Axie Infinity website and spend more time learning. It will be worth it, because the next 'ecosystem' game will emerge soon, with NFTs along with it, and understanding what these games are will be key in staying ahead and seeing a revolution happen.


Virtual, valuable Land....


NFTs can be virtual land too. Game-worlds and metaverses will be craving our attention, in headsets and still via computer screens. There'll be options to visit virtual shops and go through the screen to observe items via headset. 


Virtual land, where you can set up shop in areas of most attention, could be the next big NFT thing. Maybe video games will end up hosting some valuable land. Check out The Sandbox as an example. 


Decentraland is also a project which continues to evolve. If projects like these can keep attracting visitors, then so too will the virtual land (via LAND NFTs can be bought and sold with MANA) where things can be created.


Facebook is a bit deluded if it thinks it can retain a hold on things like this. Community-run virtual projects may end up being more trusted and more used.


Communities may well control the future, online spaces where we spend our time. Anyone holding tokens will be able to vote to suggest a vital update or improvement about its nature; about what our eyes behold. That's real value.


Prizes Drop will continue to keep its ear to the ground, when it comes to blockchain games. Stay tuned!


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