Start creating VR art and selling it on Sketchfab

24.08.2021, 22:19

Sketchfab is a fascinating web gallery filled with 3D creations submitted by anyone. Not just this: they are selling them to anyone who wishes to buy them, within certain rights, which can be downloaded, imported into a VR headset for marveling at first hand. 



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Anyway, back to Sketchfab; which is becoming a bit of a Youtube for 3D art creativity: you can easily preview works if you have a Google Cardboard or more accessible headset too, directly via the website.


If you have a particular style or content focus you can also garner a good following of fans fascinated by what you’ll be creating next.


It’s just the beginning. 


The Metaverse is coming. It will be an interactive realm powered by both AR and VR, where objects can be created and leveraged as vital teaching and communication aids and brought into 3D spaces. There are now even VR websites powered by WebVR, with the future set on replacing 2D ones, which aren't the major information hubs.


The VR Boom is well underway


With VR headsets booming in sales and VR games and apps on the rise, now is a great time to be a 3D artist or modeler, submitting stylistic or decent renderings of real-world or fantasy objects. You could even find permanent work on some VR game project or experience.


You can learn how to animate your creations using other software if you own a more powerful computer. 


However, it’s important not to get overwhelmed by using more precise software packages and animation tools, at the beginning. Yes, you can use tools like Blender, but you can also simply start by playing around in VR directly with fun art packages! It's incredible how workspaces are evolving thanks to workflow, toolboxes, menus and spaces inside VR.


Begin inside VR


If you already own an Oculus Quest 2 headset or are thinking of buying one, then you’ll need to get Open Brush from App Lab which is a version of Tilt Brush (only it’s free!) to download and start creating artworks. You can get hold of this via Sidequest VR website, which connects to Oculus. 


Gravity Sketch is also recommended, if you want to progress on from Tilt Brush and execute more precise modelling and designing. 


Both these apps allow you to export directly to Sketchfab, once you feel you have created something worthy. 


Handy note: You should test how they export first, as only certain brushes etc will export the way you want them.


Sell as NFT


If you’re more interested in the art and collectible side of things, and in creating a one-off or limited edition 3D artwork, you could decide to mint your creations onto a blockchain and sell as an NFT on an online marketplace. 


The problem here is gaining a following. Plus, you really need to have a certain collector in mind, or to be already an established artist exploring a certain idea, or celebrating something more specific.


However, the extra time and effort going in to create an NFT could pay off when you find you’re offering something special in the realm of 3D art, which isn’t just another clever visual gimmick. Unless you hit on something very special, you'll also need to create a series, which will take time.

Hopefully, this article may start off some future, talented creators who’ll soon be earning more than just our free points here at Prizes Drop. However, our points can also help you get started: like saving up that bit extra for an Oculus Quest 2.


Meanwhile, enjoy browsing through Sketchfab, and feeling inspired.


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