Is Disney Plus worth it?

25.11.2020, 14:30

Yes…. and especially if you have kids. So take advantage of a free month’s subscription (you should be entitled) and go check it out. Not only do you get a wealth of Disney content you may not have been able to see before, but a whole lot of brand new and lesser-known movies, plus ‘info-tainment’ content too. 



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Apologies to all you disc-box collectors out there, but the future of media is streaming: TV, games, VR, AR, whatever…. and the days of physical discs are numbered. With Disney now on the scene, TV just got a whole lot more addictive.


Streaming: The Joys... and Frustrations?


If you already have a Netflix or Amazon Prime account, then you’ll be familiar with the joys - and drawbacks - of streaming; browsing endless menus of content and getting nicely surprised or frustrated at an item just added - or completely absent. If it’s this latter, you’ve always got the option of going to the PS store or Amazon store and downloading it directly, or trying a rival shop or streaming provider. 


When it comes to watching a movie or TV series binge-watch, it’s all pretty instantaneous, depending on your internet connection speed. If you’ve got a busy household then streaming on multiple TVs can be frustrating for bandwidth. 


In terms of the catalogue of content, this availability may still be one drawback about streaming, having access to so much. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with choice; with having to choose, where families are starting to turn away from paying TV licence fees or set-top boxes, when instead they can just stream directly via app on their smart TVs. 


Are the menus allowing us to discover content in the best way possible?


Are they intuitive enough yet? Well, you shouldn’t expect anything ground-breaking from Disney Plus. It utilizes a very similar menu structure (UI) to that of Netflix and Amazon, perhaps not to confuse us from what we’ve all been used to. 


Remember traditional TV channels? We would be forced to watch programmes that showed us new things; boring things. Nature programs, chat shows, interviews with real people... Well, these days, kids can watch an endless supply of a favourite show, until it (and they) are exhausted, and overloaded.


Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on them and ensure some variety, and impose limitations on the type and duration of content they are absorbing, and to try - and get them to think about, or talk about things afterwards. 


Despite these dangers, Disney Plus is another huge leap forward in TV entertainment, finally compiling so many of the incredible productions Disney has been responsible for over the years. 


What's encouraging is seeing more documentaries and TV-style content appearing exclusively on these services. 


So it’s not all cartoons, fantasy and computer animations. There's a lot of nature-based content, documentaries and balanced content that will appeal to both girls and boys. 


But of course, you’ll find those truly great Disney classic animations too, mixed up with the latest kids TV shows, a great new lease of life for the muppets, older comedy movies and tons of Star Wars content, from the huge Lego-based to the more grown-up Mandalorian. And... you’ll discover a lot of surprising series based on favourite Disney films, you never knew existed.


So give Disney Plus a try for Christmas - but don’t get overwhelmed! Everything soon will be streamed. In the end it’s just… easier, and more direct. The drawback is that it’s now down to us - kids and parents - to choose and diversify our own minds, learning, thoughts and ideas.  


Hold on... And what is Disney Plus GroupWatch?


A lot of existing subscribers may not even realise there is this feature, which is pretty cool to beat the lockdown blues. What is GroupWatch? It means you get a special link so you can watch any item with family and friends if you're apart. 


Unfortunately, you can't text chat during the feature, but you can send emojis and reactions, and you can pause, reverse or forward through various scenes, perhaps to replay them, or take a break. 


This feature is a nice social touch, which works across all devices via the app, (tablets, phones etc.) giving loved ones the bonus of watching the same thing simultaneously. So you can watch together, but not actually together. 


Read more about DisneyPlus GroupWatch and how to get to grips with it. 

Stay tuned to Prizes Drop, since we’ll keep our eyes peeled to bring you top highlights and round-ups in future regarding Disney Plus, you may not want to miss. 

Nov 2020


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