How will the PS5 handle your beloved streaming apps?

24.10.2020, 10:06

Sony PlayStation 5: All souped-up for Your beloved streaming apps...



How will the PS5 handle streaming apps like Netflix, Youtube etc? If you’re a Prizes Drop member, this is a good question since you might be saving up your points for free Netflix, PS store and Amazon store codes. 


Well, it’s great news for PS4 veterans, used to switching between 'Game playing' and 'Media streaming': the new PS5 will have a special remote control and dedicated ‘Media space’, with these apps pre-installed from day one.


From the PS blog: “There will be a dedicated space exclusively for media entertainment. It’s located right next to the Game home screen, so you can quickly switch between Game or Media content. “


There are a ton of users these days who don’t bother with traditional TV or set-top boxes. And when they’re done having a quick blast on a game, they just switch over to a streaming app. Why not just use your PS5 menu instead of the smart TV one? 




The PS5 will also still be able to play Blu-Ray disks, and even better 4K Ultra HD ones! Note: there is a PS5 Digital Edition which comes without a disc slot at all, so just ensure you're purchasing the PS5 Standard Edition. 



Once again, Sony have taken this on board and it seems like they’re going to get things right on PS5. Available at launch, the Media Remote is for all those who’ll be using the PS5 more for this purpose. It will easily allows you to power on the console and navigate easily with play, pause, fast forward and fast reverse, adjust volume and power settings on compatible TVs. Even better, there’ll be dedicated buttons for your favourite streaming services including Netflix, Spotify, Disney+ and YouTube.


Yes, there were remotes for the PS4 too, but they weren’t the most robust or dedicated devices. This new PS5 media remote looks a lot easier to get to grips with.


In terms of apps, you won’t need to think about having to download new ones via the PS Store: the Media Space will be your only venue. 


For music lovers, the new Control Centre will make it easier than ever to switch between channels, pause and skip your music preferences. All music, including the massive Spotify selection will be available as background music for gaming too. 


Extra features for:


- Youtube


There will be improved features allowing you to broadcast and share your best or memorable gameplay moments directly to your own channel. 


- Twitch


Being a gaming-orientated platform, it would make sense that the PS5 has integrated Twitch experience more deeply on PS5. 


“you can now watch or livestream your favorite gameplay and chat live about the best moments with fellow gamers throughout the many diverse and dynamic communities.”


As with the PS4, extra streaming apps coming to PS5 include Amazon Prime Video, MyCanal, Hulu, Peacock, and others. Of course, some of these services may not be available in some countries, and may require paid subscriptions. 


Conclusion: Positive!


Even though you may have the world’s most super-fancy smartTV with some lovely-looking menu options for streaming services and so on, you will probably find yourself managing all your entertainment simply via the super-powered processors on board your PS5, coming to a living room near you next month. 


There's time to get more familiar with the PS5 User Experience. In the meantime, and as colder weather sets in, keep saving up our special Points for swapping to free vouchers including free Netflix codes, free Amazon codes, free Spotify subscriptions etc.


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