Welcome... to No Man's Sky: Expeditions

01.04.2021, 09:25

There is certainly something special about this game, which has seen so many big updates. Check out the new update for No Man’s Sky, which introduces a new mode: ‘Expeditions’.



It’s welcome news, since the space sim / ‘game’ has suffered from a lack of direction or motivation. It’s much easier to get carried away by discovering things, or just from getting completely lost on some frozen ice planet. Still, you’ve gotta love ‘No Man’s Sky’ since it’s just so… massive and... spooky. 



But this new mode attempts to bring players closer together via ‘shared journeys’ starting together on the same planet with a specific array of gear, and then traversing the galaxy to unlock more challenges - or ‘Milestones’ (in any particular order). This will allow astronauts to meet fellow players and expand on ways in which you can play the game. You can earn 'patches' for achievements.


Expect to earn other ‘unique rewards’ for completing phases, and also for completing full expeditions. They’ll also be an improved HUD mode (‘Target Sweep’) to improve mission exploration via precision location, and new things to unlock relating to your spaceship and gear. 


Apparently, missions available from Mission Agents at space stations have been improved too, for ‘greater depth and interest’. 


Space explorers rejoice! Or more correctly all those fascinated to discover what mathematical procedural generation can conjure up before our very eyes. 


In fact, it's impressive how Hello Games has managed to address many of the initial criticisms which came with the original game. Although it was hard not to be mind-blown by the scale of the procedural-generated universe, the problem was the actual depth and loneliness of this single-player survival experience. Well, they've earned their developer patch you could say.


Many updates have managed to prolong its lifespan by filling its random canvas with activities, creative aspects, pets, robots and social multiplayer elements. Will ‘Expeditions’ be the last update released for No Man’s Sky? Never say never. In fact, due to its loyal fanbase and improved level of atmosphere, it’s possible to see No Man’s Sky become some kind of eternally supported, evolving art-form - which also happens to enable co-operation in anyone exploring and surviving its far reaches.


Long may it remain and be sustained...


What next do we need from ‘No Man’s Sky’? How about a more blockchain-based No Man’s Sky, where actual scarcity can exist and explorers must find rare NFTs worth millions? This is where games start becoming ‘mirror sandboxes’ of our reality, monetized entities and infinite fabrics to test out ideas, share virtual experiences - or just escape and get lost into…. Who knows?


Read more about the update direct from the developer’s website. And stay tuned to Prizes Drop for new posts about No Man’s Sky and more game round-ups. 


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