Walkabout Mini-Golf VR: New Free Course Out Now!

01.10.2021, 10:09

A new, free update for your walkabout mini-golfing exploits to continue? That’s right! Luckily, Prizes Drop is on the case to let you know about it. The course is called Quixote Valley which brings the total available courses up to 8, a more desirable purchase for first-time players. Of course it's for free in the latest update, if you're already familiar. All the courses have normal and hard variations.



During lockdown, Walkabout Mini-Golf VR was one of those titles which was ready to carry the weight of all the increased interest and activity in virtual life. Not only a fun game for solo play, in that you can just teleport yourself easily anywhere on the course, it makes the game a constant golfing experience. Link up in Party Mode, and you can play more traditionally. Subsequently, the ball never strays too far away, as it can in real life mini-golf. You also get to take more daring shots in daring locations.


Quixote Valley comes in day and night mode, and, not only this, it also features new wind mechanics. In certain areas of the map, you’ll have to take wind into consideration, as it could affect the trajectory of your shot. 



The course itself is set among a rocky landscape with multiple windmills, so you’ll be tasked with navigating them all. By now you might have guessed that this is what is making things particularly windy. 


If you haven’t played Walkabout Mini-Golf VR on the Oculus Quest and PC VR, then you should. The cartoon-style graphics are really immersive, and the mechanics allow you to actually relax in VR and share a non-intensive activity which lends itself well to all these things: VR itself, local and random multiplayer, and chatting - including random chat.


All your stats etc. are conveniently recorded on your wrist, which is what's so easy about VR games. 


I'm not going to ramble on much more about the experience of playing this mini-golf title in VR. You’re either someone who’s going to go and buy this popular title, to install on headset and dip into now and then, or someone who’s going to dismiss it, and move onto shooters etc. 


But it’s important to try a range of different experiences in VR if you ask me. And you might just find that it’s the more unexpected (and less demanding) types of games, that you come back to, and spend more time playing in the long term. 


Will there be any more free courses and updates for Walkabout Mini-Golf VR?


Free updates maybe, but free courses no. Any further big additions will come as small DLC purchases. But don’t worry, there are some in the works, the first of which will include 3 new courses.


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