The Best Tarot Apps for Mobile Phone or Smartphone

30.03.2021, 10:38

It doesn’t matter whether or not you really believe in Lady Luck, strange coincidences or in invisible, mystical forces operating within your life. It doesn’t matter whether you believe your past or future can be precisely told or determined via a simple set of images. This is only what the traditional view of Tarot is. 



In fact, Tarot and Tarot Card readings are more of a useful tool, a therapy or a simple way to understand another person. They can always surprise, intrigue and offer interesting insights. In the same way that reading your zodiac does, Tarot can be a help and a boost in confusing times, especially these ones. 


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The Death Card



Can Tarot be negative too? This depends on interpretation, but you could say that Tarot readings should never spook or even pretend to predict negative events. They should only help to make the 'asker' more aware of potentially negative forces in their lives, and find ways to be on guard or to find solutions - via other cards drawn alongside it. 


What is Tarot?


It can take many forms, but basically involves consulting a selection of pictorial images or cards, and trying to draw meaning and relevance from them into one’s own life, or involving your past, present and future. 


The stereotypical view is that it’s a bit like a crystal ball: guessing what the future holds while conning someone out of a few coins for the service, spouting a load of mystical mumbo jumbo while telling people what they want to hear. And there may well be many shadowy ‘readers’ out there doing this, even via Youtube.


But in fact Tarot forces a level of self-awareness, and that is - perhaps - all it is. Simply by sharing personal needs and worries with an external person and via images, a response can be invoked, along with some suggestions and solutions.


There are many different decks of cards, for different purposes or ‘requests’, but the major and minor ‘Arcana’ are the most common, and can be deployed for this ‘art’ of divination to be effective.


What is it really?


But Tarot has moved with the spiritual times and into the technological one. Take away all the mystical stuff, and Tarot is in fact an ancient path to introspection or mindfulness about one’s life and those featuring in it. It’s a way to pause and reflect, but it can also help in making difficult decisions where sometimes - especially in this complex modern world - decisiveness and clarity is important. And that’s really the point: it can simplify and clarify how to appreciate the here and now, or how to find a path forwards.


In fact, there are many questions a person can ask the Tarot cards. It really depends on what aspect of your life you are looking to deal with. 


Suggested Mobile apps


There are tons and tons of Tarot mobile apps (literally!), and they do make trying Tarot a lot easier than ever before (ie. no physical cards involved). Just bear in mind, all these apps remove the human, personal element, which not only brings two (or more) people together but can help them to understand one another better too. Using mobile apps also - unfortunately - replaces any ‘reading’ of the cards by an intuitive, experienced reader. 


Instead, you’ll receive a block of text or something random but pre-set - which is just not as interactive or dynamic as with a real person who knows all the meanings of the cards.


However, as long as this is appreciated, it’s great to use apps since they fulfill the same basic notion: to provide the user or ‘requester’ with some spiritual answer, guidance or assistance, perhaps on a daily basis, or for helping to make life-affecting decisions. 


You'll be overloaded with results if you search the Google Play, Apple store etc. which is why we've narrowed it down to just two below, so you can get started quickly and easily. They may be the only Tarot apps you'll ever need....



The best mobile apps for Tarot?


We recommend:


Tarot - Card of the Day (from CrazyBee) and The Arthurian Tarot (amongst many others by the same developer). The latter is a more in-depth way to find and unearth meanings and interpretations within, and ask more precise questions beyond 'What is my future?' or 'Will I fall in love?'. The app is worth the small fee, since it allows you to turn over different card layouts, and learn more about a specific deck or mythology.


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