The Best Spooky Video Game for Halloween 2021?

01.10.2021, 10:29

'In Sound Mind' is out now, and it could just be the perfect game for Halloween warm-up in 2021.



Are we out of our minds? No, we're in perfectly sound mind.... Ok, sorry. 


It’s not overtly scary like conventional horror titles, it’s a more intriguing, surprising breed of noir-ish entertainment. There are puzzles and sandbox areas, so it’s a mix of exploration and intrigue, with strong characters cementing it together. Audio tapes play an important tole too.



There’s not a lot of point describing it more. It’s either a game you’ll go and get, explore and enjoy, or you won’t since you’re already put off by the horror bit. And that’s a shame, since it’s not particularly scary. 


And the good news, is the reviews so far have been pretty positive, (also see Metacritic) even from die-hard horror game players who were expecting 'In Sound Mind' to be another streaming-friendly shriek-out-loud-on-youtube exercise. 


But actually, it's just the kind of interesting, imaginative game to take you on a journey as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Playtime could take you up to 12 hours, but you'll visit some wild territory which makes the game original and fun. 


If you do get stuck in some areas, then don't persevere. Just go online and get some tips. It's not the sort of game to bother to be frustrated by: you could be lost for unavailable extra hours trying to solve a few of its more elusive puzzles. However, the rich atmosphere will always accompany you. 


It's available just now, for all the big consoles. Unfortunately, there is no PS4 version or Xbox One of 'In Sound Mind'. There should be updates, which could maybe improve on some of the (few) complaints, so buy now and support the game - so it can be improved.


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