The Best Mobile Apps for Getting Easy Cryptocurrency

16.12.2019, 18:59

There are many apps out there that are pulling in users with the promise of 'free crypto', or by the idea they are actually mining or adding their machine to a network performing calculations that increase the security of a network.



The reality is that only powerful or expensive hardware and some technical expertise can do this. 


However, that’s not to dismiss many decent projects out there that are doing something different. By distributing to their users small amounts of their crypto, they are gaining users, engagement and promoting new ecosystems featuring games, offers, products etc.



So we’re not talking about actual crypto-mining here, but ‘cloud-mining’ where you log-in to an app and it rewards you for your time and engagement. It distributes free crypto basically, in return for your use of the app, by watching ads or whatever. You can still choose to ‘mine’ and receive this reward, but you can also get involved by helping share it further, by learning about the network in the community areas, and by interacting with its extra features, i.e. games, mini-tasks, and promotions.


Here at Prizes Drop you do have the option of swapping points you collect (from completing our mini-tasks, surveys etc) for some of the leading cryptocurrency ecosystems right now: Bitcoin or Ethereum. 


But let’s take a look at four decent apps also with some potential:


Phoneum Games + Apps



Phoneum is developing a number of well-designed apps and mini-games that all incorporate the earning of PHM (an Ethereum token) in engaging ways. They could be on to a good thing, in that games and mobiles are easy gateways to get users interacting with things, earning it, ‘mining’ it, moving it and storing it, in a fun way. The PHM you earn can also unlock extra items in some of the games, but mostly traditional money still.


They have a separate wallet app and separate cloud mining app plus a number of mini-games set within – or distinct from – interactive ‘areas’ that encourage activity and fun (like sci-fi space, or pirate themes).

The Phoneum ones we’ve tried: Crypto Planet, Crypto Treasures, Crypto Connect3 etc. are made in Unity and all work well. 





If you're ok to enable GPS tracking this nifty app will track your walking activity and pay you for it in crypto. This is worth a look if you already carry around your smartphone all day and want to get something back for it. And it’s all been well designed. It can be motivational too, for those wishing to incorporate regular exercise into their lifestyles.


However… bear in mind the underlying point of it all is to get the app to promote various products and offers to you, at least at this stage. But a whole crypto-fuelled fitness ecosystem down the line may emerge and would be interesting and useful.






It’s currently one of the largest crypto ‘gamification’ projects, where mundane tasks like watching ads, trying out products, playing games to certain levels, completing surveys gives you rewards in return. [And, it’s a lot like here at Prizes Drop!] 


With this app, you’ll be earning Bolts, but when you want to cash out then you’ll likely need to convert them to Storm tokens, which are more widely traded globally on exchanges.


There are a decent array of updating offers to complete. The UI is clear and easy to use and there’s a helpful button in the corner you can tap to see what the price of a Bolt is in fiat, Bitcoin etc.


Clearly, there’s a potential ecosystem here, and a promising Stormshop (browser extension) allows cryptoback and discounts for many purchases on partner sites. [You can use our referral code = 9E3CMK.]


Pi Network



It’s very early days for Pi Network, but early birds catch more worms. Interested in crypto and blockchain? This app represents a great way to join an early crypto project and help it evolve and grow, while learning about it via the community. 


You can use the mobile app to ‘mine’ Pi and get more for spreading the word and getting involved. This is to encourage a strong community (which the app does cultivate) which will be key to this project finding further development and success.



You can read the helpful FAQ here, and once again, there’s no battery drain on your smartphone since no actual mining is happening. [If you need a starter code then use: adespress.]





There are many more games and apps on Google Play, Apple and Amazon, that distribute free crypto to users for engaging with their apps, watching ads, playing their games... This might be a growing trend but it’s important to remember that properly monetized ‘dapps’ are here and more are coming. These in most cases are secure and based on major blockchains like Ethereum and EOS.


It’s just as important to keep an eye on these larger, robust ecosystems, at the same time as you explore these much younger ones.


Here at Prizes Drop, we continue to work hard to expand mini-tasks and offers, which all our users can then exchange into top cryptocurrencies when they’ve gained enough. Bitcoin is still believed to be the best investment, but it's a matter of doing your own careful (and regular) research.



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