The Best App for Beginning in Crypto (and earning high interest)

28.05.2020, 16:20

So you've been meaning to check out this whole Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency thing, but haven't really found the time yet. Well, you can read some - even all - of this article to find a way down the rabbit hole of that world beyond your typical internet banking apps. 



If you’re looking to dive into the world of Cryptocurrency investing and savings, then the app really has all you need. We'll introduce the features below, (and don't forget to use referral code 28sx3rsd9y for our $50 startup reward.)


Firstly, here at Prizes Drop, we're all about passive income, and you can be earning free Bitcoin or free Ethereum by completing our range of easy mini-tasks and surveys, and swapping our points you earn for crypto. You can send it straight to work at the app. 


A growing, all-in-one mobile app for managing your investments....



It doesn't really matter if you don't know the difference between the different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens and EOS. It's well known that Bitcoin and Ethereum are the largest and the most supported. You can learn about the other 'altcoins' later on.


For now, the crafty app from has it all, a hub to manage both standard (fiat) currencies and cryptocurrency.  


It also presents a one-stop attractive, feature-rich ‘home’ for all your cryptocurrency (and fiat) decisions. It’s your gateway to a world of hodling and earning passive interest, trading, borrowing and investing, all dynamically tucked inside one, magical, mobile hat (app!). 


For a quick list of features, as to why it looks set for solid growth, read the list below....


- A secure home for a wide range of cryptocurrencies, allowing transfer in and out of your cryptos, alongside your wallets for dollars, euros etc..


- Visa-powered Payment card.

Currently being rolled out across Europe is the associated payment cards, allowing you to spend your crypto anywhere, and earn cashback and other rewards, with a range of metal card designs and tiers.


- High rates of interest.

Certainly a big attraction is the high interest rates for staking (locking up) your coins for certain periods, although you’ll need to stake a certain amount first.


- Crypto price tracker and alerts.

It's important to get notified about sudden changes in price, if there's a certain coin for example, that you're looking to invest in when prices are low. 

- Quant trading (invest and let an algorithm do the trading or investing.)


- In-built exchange and it also has its own professional-orientated crypto trading exchange called The Syndicate.


- Insured, secure custodianship of your assets.

- Crypto credit for instant loans including staking option with the MCO token.


- Connection to the accompanying Wallet for holding your crypto even more securely (with your own keys).


- and more coming......


As you can see, are encouraging easy management of both crypto and traditional currency: You could say they’re creating the bank of the future, but available today. As time goes on, there should be more features and changes to the app allowing for the better adoption and transfer of crypto into real-world payment options. 



In order to get your payment card (of certain limits and restrictions), you’ll have to stake a certain minimum of MCO tokens (via the app) at varying amounts and for a certain time limit (at least 50 MCO).


But… if you register above with our code 28sx3rsd9y and reserve your card today, you can unlock the sign-up offer of MCO tokens. You can then buy extra MCO tokens direct from the mobile app.



Some other points


The platform is particularly geared around the MCO and CRO tokens. To learn about the role of these, then head over to the website where it explains them in more detail. Let’s just say the more you have (and stake) then the more options, rewards and discounts you can receive around the platform and card services.


Early Days


In general, it’s still early days in the cryptocurrency or DLT (digital ledger technology) world, and has really striven to provide everything under one roof and position itself at the forefront of a growing revolution. Here at Prizes Drop we really recommend it as the starting point for moving, controlling, storing and spending your cryptocurrency tokens. We also recommend MCO and CRO as good investments. 


And of course, you can use it for your free Bitcoin or Ethereum - which you may have swapped for points earned here at Prizes Drop, on completion of our range of easy mini-tasks like watching simple ads or doing surveys. (Sign up today and get your free dashboard for managing these tasks and points.)


Disclaimer: This is not professional financial advice. Always do your own research. You invest at your own risk.


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