‘Sky: Children of the Light’ coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021

28.08.2020, 12:27

Yes, another game port to console delayed due to COVID-19



The Nintendo Switch version of the popular, critically-acclaimed multiplayer game from the makers of ‘Journey’ and ‘Flower’, SKY: Children of the Light, now won’t be ready until 2021. 


The game was first released in 2019 on iOS devices and early in 2020, on Android. It received Apple’s iPhone Game of the Year, garnering over 20 million downloads within its first year. 


In the game, only by helping fellow players in your search for fallen stars can you restore their light back to the constellations. The game expands to include new areas and collectibles, and excels in giving players a wide range of social ways to express and interact with others via their avatar. Light and darkness play a crucial part in the experience, so teaming up with others provides a strong impetus to keep the darkness at bay. Music plays an intriguing role, even allowing players to get together and share their instruments and sounds. 


When the console versions do arrive they will surely open the game up to millions of new console gamers, and see graphics and sound taken to greater heights. 



Developers Thatgamecompany has been responsible for ground-breaking, artistic indie games with fluid, intuitive design and strong spiritual elements. Transcendent gaming? Sky: Chidren of the Light works in a similar vein and has clearly learned from these previous productions, attempting to take things further, providing a wider, more social and more uplifting experience. And this has been something ‘that Sky game’ has been achieving. 


But the news reflects the growing impact of COVID-19 on normal productivity. Protecting staff must take priority, and working from home - for most industries - just can’t compare to the more direct, team-orientated and motivational affair that office-based work can achieve.


To be fair to Thatgamecompany, throughout the pandemic they’ve been overseeing the Android launch and the live game, as well as providing two new adventure seasons. 


Available currently on iOS and Android, the world now awaits a confirmed date or announcement for the 2021 Switch release for Sky: Children Of The Light....

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