REVV RACING: Race your trade-able NFT car... AND win prize-money!

29.11.2021, 16:30

You may have heard by now that 'Play-to-Earn' continues to take the gaming and crypto/NFT industry by storm. This new breed of video games allow real ownership of digital assets with in-game transactions or via their sites in crypto-money (that you also own too).



Logging in requires a state-of-the-art web3 wallet, which usually means the MetaMask wallet. It’s a secure way you can interact with these cutting edge projects, including... REVV Racing! It's an early-stage - but live alpha - gaming opportunity, potentially ready to attract a vibrant racing community. 


Some of these 'game ecosystems' have their own crypto-token, (in this case, REVV token) which can be traded globally and may acquire value due to players needing to buy upgrades or even govern and vote on how the game is developed. If the game is successful, so will the token be. 


Adding to the huge success of 'Axie Infinity' we already have horse-racing (Zed Run Racing) and now the first-ever car racing game. Indeed, you can effectively race virtual cars professionally from the comfort of your home.


After you have a web3 wallet, you'll need to splash out on an NFT on the Opensea marketplace (which automatically puts one into your web3 wallet on purchase) - in this case either a certain horse breed or car type. Then... you can get racing.


With REVV Racing you don’t just watch your car go round a track, but get to sit in the seat and race via your computer. This gaming is adding a real layer of tension, but it adds to the fun. Not only do you stand a chance to win tokens, but you also get to enhance the value of your car (which can be re-sold on Opensea, as long as it's not damaged beyond repair).


Having a 'stake' like this in a video game incites a closer attention and dedication to the game. No, it may not suit every kind of game. However, it just feels more worthwhile playing these more elaborate kinds, when there are things you can own, create, trade or win, as you go.



So... should you be missing out on this revolution in home or multiplayer gaming? It might pay off to invest in some of these tokens - or their NFTs - at this early stage, but even better: try out the platform and see if you can win a race!


Could this produce a budding planet of competitive gamers with virtual pets, cars, plants...? The days where Tamagotchi electronic key-rings were 'cared for' by their button-pressing owners might now be updated to have whole metaverses where dynamic NFTs are wondering around acquiring value... They could take the form of interest-bearing 'de-fi' token pets, or just represent their value within a particular metaverse or game. 


From the virtual to the real...


And what about a future where these virtual, treasured NFTs are connected to real-world counterparts of equal value? Not just your identity itself...


This brave new world is emerging out of the fires of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.... and spreading into all walks of life, from finance to artwork to file storage... and whatever's next... Be prepared!


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