PS Store: 7 Engrossing (Mega March) Game Deals to Grab (in Lockdown)

28.03.2020, 00:49

Here at PrizesDrop, our members who save up enough points completing a variety of mini-tasks online remotely, can choose to swap them for free Amazon, Netflix or..... yes, Playstation Store codes! [See more about how it works and sign up today.] And for those who already have, there's tons of tempting deals out there in the Mega March deals on the PS Store right now.



Luckily, the PS Store menu has made it easy for us, breaking down the ‘Deals’ section into games with high discounts, to Games Under... (medium and cheaper prices). And it sure is amazing the quality you can find under the budget section. Titles like Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Heavy Rain, Child of Light, Inside...



We’ve also outlined top 7 amazing deals on big games you can catch up on at last. If bandwidth is restricted in your area due to providers prioritising for home-workers, then you can play them single-player instead.


Video Games are of course one of the best, engrossing ways to take your minds off COVID-19 news-stories where in fact, one of the main things we can do to help is simply: stay inside and stay well.



- Far Cry Primal (64% off)


This is still an absolute classic in the Far Cry franchise and is geared towards single-player action. It’s not just ‘Far Cry in Caveman Days’ but is so much more, leveraging the presence of savage animals to add a whole extra dimension to your attack strategies, be it full-on attack or more careful stealth. The narrative and development of the game gets under the skin of where and how our species once lived, adding some darker, mystical elements.



- Assassin’s Creed Unity (64% off) or Assassin’s Creed Origins (74% off)


There are some great deals on Assassin’s Creed games too, including Unity set in the time of the French Revolution and Origins in the time of Ancient Egypt. With slick cut-scenes as ever integrated into mission progression, and a huge open-world of missions and city areas to explore, it’s all about settling in, mastering combat and terrain traversal, and experiencing the sights and sounds of history.



- Watch Dogs 2 - Deluxe Edition (74% off)


The dynamic, open-world of the San Francisco Bay Area awaits you to explore with all your much-needed hacking skills as you go up against the criminal masterminds at large.


The more recent co-op multiplayer (where you play through the game with a friend) will encourage fun social teamwork and exchange of ideas.



- Star Wars Battlefront 2: Celebration Edition (45% off)


If you’re a Star Wars fan catching up on the latest Star Wars movies or series, then downloading this title (so much cheaper than it was at launch) will add to the taste of that galaxy far, far away. Even just the single-player Battlefront 2 options will be enough, bringing those battles and familiar planetary locations to life in a campaign to engross you and challenge you for hours.



- AO Tennis 2 (37% off)


Summer is getting closer but even if real-life tennis tournaments like Wimbledon get cancelled due to COVID-19, then you can still fire up this game and enter hours of on-court action. You can play with family or in the single-player Career Mode, which was re-designed completely since the first title. There’s a decent creative aspect to this one too, allowing you to customise a character, your own courts and scenarios, or of course relive famous matches. 



- Mortal Kombat XL (70% off) and Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition (62% off)


These two great combat fighting games originally emerged in the peak days of PS4 and still show off its prowess, running and loading fast and smooth, and still in impressively (gory) detail. They’re also great games, showing off a long heritage, and you can pour hours into the different game modes that add extra depth, or stick to just the main story mode.


Do you need both titles? No, it really just depends on what fighting game you’re most familiar with over the years, or could be willing to try. Again, particularly ideal if you’re ready for long versus tournaments against members of your household. 



- Generation Zero (40% off)


It’s an apocalyptic, open-world scenario with eerily empty streets this time being haunted by mysterious machine-based hunters. Of particular note is the Co-op multiplayer, where you’ll need to work with 3 other friends closely to get through this scenario, using weapons and resources wisely. At least there’s no virus to contend with.


There are host of games on the PS Store with something for everyone, so instead of taking on one of the big AAA games above, spend some time exploring the different sections in the Store, and you’re sure to find something to suit. Horse-lover in the household? Sportsman? Puzzle-lover? Detective? Budget games are waiting for you.


Keep on saving those points up here at Prizes Drop! Sign up for your own dashboard and before you know it, you’ll have enough points to convert to free PS store codes. We'll be back with more round-ups and suggestions. 



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