On Netflix Now: Watch these 3 Unmissable Things Recently Added (April 2020)

28.04.2020, 15:20

1. Coronavirus, Explained


First... infotainment. Indeed, this pandemic could be a lesson to us all, and it starts here. Netflix's 'Coronavirus, Explained' is an essential overview by the brilliant Vox team, (also must-see: the excellent Explained series) this will give you a better, more illuminated picture of what Covid-19 actually is, and more so than (most) ongoing news interviews. That's because it's been well put together with historic footage, charts and past and present interviews.


Narrated effectively by the scary drum teacher from Whiplash, J.K Simmons, it covers the nature of what viruses are, some vital history and what exactly we are facing as a species, that come with mind-blowing, likely truths relating to our treatment of animals and farming. 




2. Money Heist / ‘The House of Paper’ (Season 4)


Dubbed from Spanish, don’t let this prevent you from getting enmeshed in this gripping 4-season (so far) series. It’s heist action plus sophisticated story following a crafty group of robin hood-style robbers undertaking two long-prepared heists. These unfold under the direction of ‘the Professor’, one against the Royal Mint of Spain, and one on the Bank of Spain. Interestingly, the events are narrated by a woman, ‘Tokyo’ which helps to subvert the genre somewhat. 


There’s a lot at stake, and things get stickier and stickier thanks to high-running emotions. Hold on to your disguises. 




3. Extraction


The actor who plays Thor produces and stars in this watchable, violent action movie. It’s nothing deep or brilliantly written (like, say, Die Hard) and there’s a lot of tough guy mumbling, but it’s great to see a film set in India. It really gives the mission a gritty heat as the characters move - and crash - through close-knit homes and built-up areas, towards an elusive extraction point. This backdrop also lends the opposition they face and the possibility of failure a high-stakes reality. 


Once this stage is set, get ready for high octane, non-stop action scenes, a bit of a breather and then a bridge-bound finale. 


There’s a ton of bullet dodging (and bullet catching) and there could have been a better scripted hero-to-kid bond formed at the centre, but it still keeps you watching to the end. If you enjoy this, then see also a cleverer - and dustier - modern western movie with Christian Bale and Russell Crowe: 3:10 from Yuma




That’s it for this month’s unmissable Netflix round-up (April 2020). Just make sure you keep on completing our range of mini-tasks here at Prizes Drop, including surveys and watching ads, so you can save up and swap them for free Netflix codes or Amazon vouchers. Signing up will give you your own dashboard with the most recent tasks. 



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