Welcome to Audius, the revolutionary new music platform

27.11.2020, 07:28

Audius is a music sharing and streaming platform in the vein of Soundcloud, only it’s a very different beast under the hood. This is important, since Soundcloud is a centralised setup where music you upload may get taken down, and where you will never see much in the way of rewards for your particular music (unless you’re one of its top artists).  



And that's the other huge difference: Audius can reward you every time your music is played, by anybody, and even the platform itself can be owned and managed by... you!


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Now, back to Audius [read some background info on Everipedia]. On the surface it has many familiar features and menus as other music streaming sites, but beneath this it has a decentralised engine set to be run more by its own members, and where rewards are shared out and can be spent back inside its ‘ecosystem’. 


Musicians can quickly find themselves not only earning from their own music, but from curating new artists and voting on fresh proposals on how Audius itself, should evolve. 


Its engine involves (omg!) ... a cryptocurrency ... in the form of $AUDIO token. But this is a good thing, since with this token a whole, vibrant musical or creative ecosystem has a chance to thrive. It will be its own native currency for finding artistic success, collaborating, and helping others. 


You can easily and quickly create your own profile, and start uploading any music or sounds you're proud of. You can also compile great playlists as with many streaming platforms. [You can view a sample profile page for some ambient guitar here.]


How to earn $AUDIO?


It’s still early days, but the concept is to reward user engagement via curation, platform governance (decision-making and voting), and of course by making good music that finds a following. Musicians will be able to spend their earned (or bought) $AUDIO on things like getting tracks mastered professionally or promoting themselves further. 


Early birds….


Artists and musicians have been getting involved with the platform this year 2020, since its token only launched back in October.


There has already been one AUDIO ‘airdrop’ to all those artists who got involved early in Audius. At the time of launch the value of this token allowed these early members to cash out with a handsome bounty, but as ever since then the token has sunk and begun its struggle to achieve and find value.


This means that it’s still a token to buy cheap, in this brave new crypto world, and where the time is now for any budding musicians in your household to get to grips early with the platform (and start garnering a following).


The blockchain and crypto market has picked up again wildly in 2020, and, this time, new projects like Audius may not have to face a harsh ‘crypto winter’ as in 2018. Interest in projects like these has returned. 


If you do decide to sign up, you’ll soon come to know if efforts are rewarded, since the value of the AUDIO platform token (and how much you can earn of it) will be a direct reflection of both your own success and the popularity of the platform. 


Other, similar platforms?


Yes, there are other, similar platforms too in the form of... Emanate, UJOmusic and the more recent, Rocki. They all promise similar tokenomic wizardry and rewards to pay artists more directly, and are looking to attract value and success. You can read more about them here.


If they've got that 'magic mix' of slick user-interface and features, incentive and reward, then the music world will start to get a lot more interesting. Audius has certainly made itself familiar and easy to use.


In time, we could - even - see a start to the end of over-bearing monopolies eg. Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud... which have too much power over their own platforms, and take too much away from those who contribute to their marketplaces.


And even better, this time the music uploaded by artists will not have to be shifted around one from one site to another, if the project were to fail. This is thanks to the advent of new, decentralised storage providers and setups, which Audius has adopted.


This time, thanks to blockchain technology, music can exist permanently even if the website decides to pack it up, or if Apple decides to remove your content, or change subscription. And that’s a powerful new world shifting towards its users. 


In fact, everything online, will one day be properly 'owned' by those who created it, thanks to the advent of digital scarcity which cryptocurreny and blockchain is bringing via web3.


Good luck in your creative endeavors with Audius


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[Contributed by Ade’s Press.]




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