5+ Last-minute Gift Ideas to keep kids busy (Xmas and beyond...)

17.12.2019, 12:57

It’s getting late now to organise your gifts in time for Christmas, but in case you’re still stuck for ideas, or plan to pick up some extra presents in the New Year sales, we’ve put together a ‘hit list’ of 5 great gifts for keeping kids - and parents - out of trouble. It could even give 'the giver' a nice slice of peace and quiet at the same time. There are still some nice Amazon deals out there too. 



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Lego: Hidden Side



Augmented reality meets Lego. This looks like it could already be a big trend, but this Xmas it’s really begun. It provides an extra, intriguing boost to those assembling the Lego, to then all watch it come more alive with a mobile phone app.


Will we see many other board games meeting AR with some effective results? Watch this space.


New Wooden Construction Sets


....But let's remember it’s not just (evil plastic) Lego that kids can be kept occupied with for hours. They can get just as much a sense of pride and fulfilment from putting something wooden together.


These wooden sets that you can also then paint can ignite a life-long love of wood, wood-working or model-making.



Check out all the great choices from Igroteco.


Mini Retro Arcade Machine



These are fun for all ages (and also walks down memory lane for 80s kids). It comes pre-loaded with over 200 mini-games (!) some of them classics of the time, all instantly playable and covering the full range: sports, puzzle, action, racing etc. The audio’s pretty good, in retro terms, and it’s highly portable.


Nintendo Wii



They’re not selling it on Amazon, because Nintendo wants you to buy the Switch. However, the Wii is available cheap second-hand via Facebook or online marketplaces from many families now upgrading. 


But the Wii is still a great console that also gets you off the sofa (or couch) and using your arms and legs. There are dancing games like Just Dance 2020 that kids jump around to, as well as the classic Mario Kart racing game, and of course tons of others.


And what you can find on Amazon etc:  games that are generally cheaper than the Switch, plus many Wii accessories like dance mats, chargers etc still on sale.


CD Discman



Let’s face it: CDs are still around, and that’s because they’re tangible and because their very presence reminds you to put them on. They also allow for some private, portable time to enjoy audio discs and music at top quality. For extra quality, some decent or top-notch headphones like these ones are essential accessories, available in many colors. Or check out the super-duper, wireless top spec option


'Bath Bomb' Making



And something creative and relaxing! Parents can get their kids to make a ton of these so they can be the ones to enjoy the fruits of their labours for once.


And you’ll have the best excuse ever to take a big break: to be the big Bath Bomb tester.



So that's it for a round-up or handful of some extra and effective ideas for Christmas presents. We hope this list might put you back on the right path towards a magical Christmas time and New Year.


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