Invest in Your Own (Unstoppable) Blockchain Name

25.03.2020, 15:03

"Words do have power. Names have power. Words are events, they do things, change things. They transform both speaker and hearer; they feed energy back and forth and amplify it." — Ursula K. Le Guin, The Wave In The Mind



Names can be important, powerful investments in this connected internet age, and so too in the more monetized one that's coming. 


If you've saved up enough points here at Prizes Drop you might be in a position to exchange them for some Ethereum. Why? Because you might choose to invest in your own blockchain domain and/or wallet name for web3. 



ENS or the Ethereuem Name Service app is where you can buy your very own  ‘human-readable’ Ethereum name using MetaMask etc. This will give to your web3 wallets a more accessible touch. In fact, Coinbase recently integrated ENS, making it far easier to send crypto to short names rather than long addresses. 


Another cool thing is that these names are trade-able just like any 'crypto-collectible' or rare NFT, so you can potentially make a profit by buying and speculating on highly popular names that may one day be in demand. This can be done on the Opensea marketplace.


Yes, you can also create multiple sub-domain names to one wallet address, or link them to IPFS (the decentralised web) or regular URLs.


You can also just save an address you like, if you can’t afford to purchase one right away.


Unstoppable Domains


Another exciting, related project is Unstoppable Domains. This site is an alternative to the above, and is helping to simplify blockchain and interaction with the decentralised web. For one thing, you can log-in quickly and easily via Google, and get your own dashboard.



From there, you can buy a domain name that is literally unstoppable. They don’t currently offer .eth addresses, but .crypto and .zil, plus premium names. 


These addresses exist ‘beyond’ the traditional web, since they're indexed via alternate routes. The name you register can link either to a website and/or a crypto wallet, bringing a 'human-readable’ way to send crypto, and also access content on the decentralised web (IPFS etc). 


You can access your site over a normal browser, with the Unstoppable Browser Extension installed. 


It may still take some time for name usage in general, to become more adopted over current crypto addresses. That’s why it’s a good time to reserve one today. 


The best thing is that only you retain full control over the name, and which wallet/site it points to. There is an important FAQ to read at the bottom of the main site.


Interested? You can use our referral link. This will entitle you to $10 off your first purchase worth $40 or more.


Note: Google won’t index these sites yet: You’ll need a special search bar (again, the Unstoppable Browser Extension or Unstoppable Search Bar) to find other permanent websites. They automatically pick them up when you type one in. 


These are early days so expect to see a whole lot more names being purchased. 

Note: It’s also a good idea not to point it to a wallet which you may want to remain anonymous, since anyone can track the related transactions more easily with a named address. But it’s up to you.



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