For the best Eco-friendly VR experiences: Start Here...

01.08.2019, 20:28

Virtual Reality is not just for gamers, oh no. Make sure you take a break from shooting and feel a different kind of VR immersion: the growing number of movies and experiences that will connect you more to your planet.




VR as an exciting educational tool is one of its biggest virtues. Many of us just want to use VR to gain better insight or get closer to bigger issues especially global topics, green living, 'permaculture' and climate change. There are now amazing environmental or ‘eco’ focused VR/360 movies and computer-made experiences that can not only transport you to places but show you what’s happening around the planet - and even how we can get involved in making a difference.


In fact, we didn't just want to do the usual round-up of movie highlights for this article, but also provide a reference point. Besides the usual VR adventures (that simply transport you to nice-looking places) there are some very well-made, emotionally-charged documentaries in VR that are starting to emerge, but which are still difficult to find. This is because the VR category on Youtube is still not comprehensive or well categorised.


This is your starting point...



But don't always bet too quick to judge Virtual Reality content. Right now, VR movies vary a lot in quality, since they depend on how they were made, what your internet connection may be like (if you’re streaming them and haven’t downloaded them first) plus what headset you’re using. There's a big step up from a cardboard-made one to a state-of-the-art (but still affordable one) like the new Oculus Quest.


Get a dedicated app


You can also find some good content on dedicated movie apps such as Amaze videos, where you pay a subscription but get access to 4k top quality VR that you can download in advance.


Another one to check out is the Expeditions app from Google itself, where you can see the VR version of the brilliant Netflix documentary 'Chasing Coral'.


However, what we hope to do with this article is provide a reference point for readers to start tapping into the range of early but growing content, that have a leaning towards eco, green or climate change VR content.  So... do use the links below to - updating - playlists on YoutubeVR. In this way, you can browse the growing array of experiences first, without a headset, to get an idea of the content. Then you can use the dedicated YoutubeVR app once you’re rigged up, search for them via Voice Search and dive in.


So… get ready as it’s time to take a look at the best VR experiences for scientific insight, understanding and… revelation


Eco-focused content


Note about 360: just because a video is '360' doesn't mean it's VR. However, you can still view them in the YoutubeVR app in your headset.


'The Crystal Reef: How Climate Change Affects the Oceans'



Trailer for 'This is Climate Change' series available inside the Within VR app.



Greenpeace: The 360 playlist on Youtube which includes:





And from WWF:


France 360 playlist



Nature 360





National Graphic VR app on Oculus Store


National Geographic Youtube360 videos: stay up to date by tracking this playlist of latest 360 videos



Current Events / Topical


The New York Times free app in the Oculus Store


The BBC app on Oculus store and BBC Playlist YoutubeVR


Eye-witness playlist on YoutubeVR





Ok, we've got to throw in a bit of travel '360' content, as some of them may make you want to go out a buy a VR headset, so you can start watching actual VR travel videos, and learn more about the planet and places like...






And that's it for a starting point. It might not seem like a lot but it should save some time trying to find specifically 'green' or environmental, global-orientated VR content, of which there still isn't much available even for affordable, mainstream headsets. 


Also... VR on a train?


It's good to see some VR making its way into some unexpected places, such as this Eurostar adventure as you travel from France to England on the fast, under-channel train.



Have you experienced any moving or well-made VR content or VR games that have opened your eyes to global, green, eco or climate change issues? Please share anything in the comments and thanks for reading! More VR highlights and roundups coming soon here at



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