'Green Hell VR' delayed?! What will it be like?

23.08.2021, 10:11

More hellish and... greener. Just kidding, because it’s hard to tell just yet how it might compare with the existing 2D version. And now news has recently come in that well... there’s a lot more development to come first. So what are these interesting updates lately? 



Firstly , what the hell is it?


Green Hell VR will be an update to the original PC version as a VR title, of the dense, open-world survival game from Creepy Jar. It’s in the usual vein of gathering, hunting, crafting and... not dying. You’re in a jungle hell, and you have to survive, and eventually escape. To do so, gathering resources and protecting yourself against threats is the nature of the game. 


Developers Incuvo intend to implement full motion control, instead of cutting any corners with the VR. 



PSVR support has yet to be mentioned, and the Oculus Quest and PC VR versions have been delayed until next year, 2022. At least they are planned to arrive at about hte same time, in Q1. 


Will there be a co-op mode for Green Hell VR? The answer is yes, but there are no further details on the nature of this just yet. 


We’ll all have to survive a bit longer in the real world first, before we can undergo this potentially intense but exhilarating experience. It’s also bound to receive a lot of attention, as VR games are seriously gaining in popularity, thanks to the rising sales in Oculus Quest 2 headsets. 


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