Get Fit at Home: Try these 4 Exercise 'Games' in 2020+

28.05.2020, 13:05

‘Healthy body, healthy mind.’ It helps to keep in shape for completing our mini-tasks here at Prizes Drop, since you could be earning more points, and in turn, more free Amazon etc. vouchers! 



Some may or may not suffer from flashbacks of jumping around with the Nintendo Wii to titles like Wii Sports, Sports Island etc. The graphics were not very great, and if your room or apartment happened to be on the small side, it was never easy to keep it up, or properly enjoy.


However, if you have got the space at home, and a console as good as the recent Switch, or the Xbox, PS4 etc, then you should definitely give any one of these following dance titles or sports ‘games’ a try. As the great days of the Wii were aiming for, they do inject some real motivation and fun into achieving that regular fitness routine. (Especially in these post-Coronavirus lockdown times, when many restrictions are still in place.)


Being one of the more recent home entertainment devices, many would agree the Nintendo Switch is most suited to exercise titles these days, due to its great portability and movement-tracking capabilities (thanks to the Joy-Con controllers). See our related article here in late May 2020: 'When and Where can you buy the Nintendo Switch??'


However, there’s something for everyone nowadays, on nearly every console, so there’s no excuse not to give one of these a go.....


Ring Fit Adventure

For: Nintendo Switch



Don’t let the price put you off: this ‘game’/fitness experience will give you some great workouts that include the usual running, jumping, squatting etc. However, you’ll also be squeezing the ‘Ring Con’ accessory, to test your resistance. You can customise all this to fit your current level of fitness, but nevertheless, it will get you moving!


This is due largely to the Ring Fit Adventure itself, which is basically an RPG that will lead you to fight opponents via exercise, as you gain in experience within a vividly realised world.


Note: a free, recent update expands the game to include a Rhythm Game music mode (exercising to 17 different tracks) and also a jogging mode through the adventure sections, without having to play them.


Beat Saber

For: Oculus Quest, PC, PS4 (headset required)



Not only the would-be Jedis of the household will be thrilled to wield a light saber but anyone can get an awesome workout experience. Admittedly, the whole Jedi sensation is a nice bonus though, and won’t disappoint. It’s been especially effective in pushing VR, since it’s designed for this new medium. 


So what is the game? It’s all about slashing those blocks properly, extending the traits of those popular Guitar Hero titles. Here you get coloured boxes flying at you with the force, and your virtual sabers are for hitting them. It’s immersive and fun, and suddenly you’ll realise you’ve been burning off the calories no end. 


Zumba: Burn it Up

For: Nintendo Switch



Zumba dancing sessions are used in gymnasiums globally for knocking people into shape in a less intense or boring, muscle-obsessed way. It's a musical path to feeling great about yourself.


Honed for the Switch, you’ll get access to a hearty range of 30 songs, which is more than adequate for getting well into the groove. The device is simple and addictive: copy the lead of the more proficient dancers on screen, and afterwards, be scored on your performance. Is such a score particularly important? No, since you’ll be enjoying the music, workout and coordination practice. Great fun for all the family.


Just Dance 2020

For: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia



In the way of Zumba, you must copy the performers on-screen as best you can, this time... to your favourite songs. 


With a Just Dance title coming out from Ubisoft every year, you don’t need to worry about this: just subscribe to new songs, which will keep you going for years (with over 500 songs in their collection). But this one comes with 40 built-in songs, which will keep you dancing for a good while. 


It's true, you don’t actually need a camera or Move controllers to play - since you can use a smartphone plus app - but it does work best with an accessory. 


That’s it for this quick round-up of 4 decent exercise games for different platforms. Never has it been so easy to get help with looking and feeling great, while having fun at the same time.


All the above titles have Party Modes as well, for sharing the routines, and the fun. It’s great for getting kids moving too, since some outdoor activities like gardening and walking are just too boring, and you might also cut down on a few trips to the swimming pool in the current (virus) climate. Just make sure you position your TV - and yourself - in the right place at home.  


Put those free Amazon vouchers, console codes etc. earned here at Prizes Drop completing our range of mini-tasks, towards one of these titles and start feeling relaxed but focused about being more healthy and active again.



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