'Haven': the best game to play on Valentine's Day?

30.01.2021, 08:46

Our top video game pick for sharing some escapist, romantic adventure on Valentine's Day would be the newly-released 'Haven' from The Game Bakers.



In fact, it's being released just in time, on Nintendo Switch and PS4, around February 4th. Last month it was out for Xbox, PS5 and Steam


You're already guessing the graphical detail looks good, creating a rich atmosphere. But is 'Haven' any good as a video game, with story and character? And is it any good to play with a loved one, close friend or partner? The short answer to both questions is: Yes! 


It's been a while since we highlighted a decent video game but this is a [note: mature] title with an intriguing story set in a beautiful world. So far, reviews have been strong, and it's been winning awards.


The story centers around the relationship between Yu and Kay, who've crashed down on this mysterious world, searching for a new life - a haven - together.



Was it a good idea to leave their old lives behind and start over? Well, you'll be the ones to help them find their way, but will also get to learn about their reasons for leaving everything behind. What is the Source? And who is the Matchmaker?


It's a perfect recipe for co-operative, 2-player adventure, and an open-world game. The two characters are charming, and you'll get to know their story, and their quirks and preferences as they open up. There are enough dialogue choices to aid this process, revealing different dialogue outcomes.


The gameplay is immersive, with a simple, un-cluttered perspective, allowing a closer connection to the environment. At times, it's slow-paced, so be prepared for a more relaxing, narrative-driven kind of game, but a beautiful one too.


In fact, it's often better playing and exploring this game in single player, but the two-player co-operative aspect is seamless and can be triggered at any time, allowing your partner to jump in and assist during combat or for skimming across the landscape in your hover-boots (always fun). Luckily, the combat isn't tricky to pick up. Collecting things across the world will help.


It's awesome news that the game has been released now for all consoles and is widely available. Until warmer weather arrives - and hopefully brighter news in general - this a perfect game for playing somewhere warm and cosy.


Check out the trailers below, and get ready to spend quality time with your partner this Valentine's Day. Will this planet be the haven you both desired and dared to find?





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