Amazon versus Netflix: which is the best choice? (2019+)

11.10.2019, 15:35

Depending on where you live, picking up live TV by signal, satellite, cable or set-top boxes; these can in fact be a pricey annual option.



Many folk are happier subscribing to streaming servies like Netflix or Amazon as an alternative - with the broad range of shows they receive all in one package (series, documentaries, cooking shows etc.) They may also be sci-fi, fantasy or movie-fans in general, since you do get a lot of this kind of stuff.


Besides, if you still love a bit of live TV then you can always switch your device or smart TV over to the Youtube app, and receive a lot from channels featuring interviews, highlights, how-to’s, music and debates. There are live news channels on Youtube too.


In short, Netflix and Amazon allow viewers to move away from unnecessary, neglected live TV stations altogether. (Happily, we offer both Netflix codes and Amazon codes here on Prizes Drop for members completing enough of our mini-tasks for points).


However... this migration does comes with the extra effort of having to choose your entertainment all the time. Many like to have this control, but this latter aspect is why the 'interface' or navigation menu is so important for the folk at Amazon and Netflix to get right. It's how we find, review, rate and preview the content in their libraries. It's how you interact with the service.



So which one to choose? Out of Amazon Prime Instant Video or Netflix, which one is the best?


Many people are already likely to be users of Amazon, so making an Instant Prime video account can be the easiest option.  But is the grass greener on the other side of the instant streaming fence??


This article isn’t going into the detail of subscription costs because in the end both services are good value for money. Amazon has managed to catch up significantly with Netflix, expanding their range and producing some top content and movies of their own. Plus, you do get those extra benefits of the Amazon membership: One-day delivery for goods ordered online, Prime Music streaming, and Prime Reading  to name the biggest.


However, I’m afraid Netflix still takes the crown, and it’s largely due to their intuitive interface, family profiles and continued focus on funding new and original content and movies. Stranger Things, The Good Place, Orange Is The New Black, Star Trek: Discovery and many more. They still have the edge on content, but it's growing finer.


When you opt for Netflix you have the option of (very handy) profiles, for each member of your family. Content is then organised for relevant age or language. [Note! This doesn’t mean you should stop screening and checking what your child is watching: There are many shows in the movies section for example, with age recommendations that don't necessarily mean the subject matter is understandable to your child.]


Now, it’s possible that Amazon are focusing on improving their interface as I write, but for now Netflix is just… easier and quicker. That’s not to say it won’t require some effort to get used to it. That's not to say Netflix could use some improvement too. But when you do, you just feel like Netflix has organised their content better. For starters, the subject menus just have a lot better titles in them. 


Can you get tired of Amazon or Netflix, or both?


There’s no doubt that Netflix works best in tandem with live TV, because some nights you just don't want to think about what to watch, let alone a whole movie. And because Netflix, Amazon etc. can actually save on buying lots of blu-ray movies when you get bored of live TV.


And yes, it’s also great value on its own, particularly for the first few months. But down the line, indeed, you may over-use Netflix and expect too much from it. We all get greedy when we see a lot of candy jars in the sweet shop after all. But... if you can wait for the new content to arrive, then it will stop you buying physical disks in the shop, and can save you a lot of money in this way. That's also good for the environment.


Does anyone care about 4K? Not really. But both streaming services will continue to compete with each other, and that means either one are a good option. They will also need to keep an eye on VR, because Netflix has a great VR app for Oculus which allows excellent interaction with their content there too.


Luckily, here at Prizes Drop, we offer both free Amazon coupon codes and free Netflix coupon codes (provided you collect enough of our points for completing simple tasks), which means you don't have to 'cross the streams'. Instead, you could be enjoying the best of both worlds, even just to test what that's like.



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