The 7 best Christmas Apps for Kids (and parents) 2020

02.12.2020, 15:10

It’s now under a month left until Christmas so you’re probably (maybe subconsciously) looking for fresh, festive games and apps to get you in a more cheerful mood. 



Let’s be honest, most of us are facing tight lockdown conditions, despite notions pretending that the danger can be forgotten. It's probably a good idea just to download some extra festive cheer via games and streaming services.


The Prizes Drop blog is here to help! Check out the following app ideas for lockdown Christmas 2020. Earning enough of our points completing mini-tasks like surveys, watching ads etc, could allow you to buy them for free by swapping them for a Google or Apple voucher!


Note: We’ve tried to avoid the ton of minor Christmas-themed puzzlers, bubble-shooter type mini-games and so on, which are just too widely available now. Instead, here is a mix of fun, puzzling, creative and festive. 


1. Christmas Countdown

This is a basic, non-intrusive app but which gives you, indeed, a festive countdown until Christmas. And... it also comes with an advent calendar, with a festive pictures and something to check out every day, like a music video on youtube. It gives kids an extra thing to open and explore, and with their parents too. 



2. Festive People AR and AR Christmas


The above 2 tree/room decorator apps explore Augmented Reality (i.e. your camera) to bring graphics into an environment. The results may depend on the power of your smartphone, but they're still worth a look.


You can unlock more decorations and graphics by spending money.  At first, you'll need to scan your surroundings according to the instructions, before you can populate it with virtual graphics. Certainly something which will work better when AR headsets come along, but it's fun to play around with.



3. Elf Yourself


Yes, 'that' hugely successful app for the extrovert in you is still going strong. It's more like the art of laughing at oneself.


Simply snap a selfie and any friend or family victim and instantly become dancing elves. You can now place your dancing elves into different Augmented Reality scenarios. Very amusing stuff, but be careful you don't go viral! 



4. Santa Words

It's a fun word puzzle game that isn't tacky but has very satisfying sound and graphics. Make as many words as you can by dragging a line between letters. It's nothing too difficult just a gentle brain teaser with a festive theme.  It's well designed and not annoying; a decent, educational, festive distraction. You'll be - literally - stringing together Christmas lingo better than anyone.


5. My Xmas Tree

We may have covered this one before but we still like it. It's not AR, but it works. Everyone can enjoy decorating their own tree, via phone or tablet, where there's a wide range of free decorations to get going with.  You can print of share your final creation, and kids can be proud of something they've (sort of) come up on their own, that doesn't resemble a wobbly jelly on paper. 


6. MyPostcard Photo Postcard

An activity kids and parents can do together: Create a postcard, customise it and then it will be sent for you, meaning you don't have to bother printing or even mailing it. It's very easy and will cheer up anyone who receives it this dark, gloomy Covid Christmas. It may just remind them that the chances for all the family to get together properly will be on the cards again soon.



7. Disney Frozen Free Fall

It's just a match-3, connect-the-gems type game but its lush, wintry graphics are perfect for some relaxing mental mind-food, with character. Fans of Frozen will love it.


Notably, it's also on the PlayStation or console, so you may like to download it there too, where you can go head-to-head with other members of your family. In fact, 2 player brings an interesting dimension where you get to throw snowballs and put off your opponent. 

And so ends this hopefully helpful round-up of the - more decent - apps out there for this festive season just starting to warm up. 


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