5 of the Best Shooting Apps in VR (Oculus Quest 2 - 2021)

31.07.2021, 11:53

This won't be a post to review each FPS game in-depth or to ramble on about them. This is mainly just to provide a helpful list for Oculus Quest owners, to pick out the app they want to try or play - instantly. Maybe you need some healthy time out from earning all those points (here at Prizes Drop) to swap for free Amazon etc. vouchers and codes. 



So with those itchy trigger fingers and fully charged headsets, let’s get on and list ‘em cowboy and girls….

1. Super Hot


Let’s get this one out of the way, because it’s just… the essential first app for new VR Oculus owners to ‘see the light’ and powerful future for VR shooters. It’s also not too long, but it also have you content to re-play levels in order to progress - always the sign of a good game. It will also make you feel like you’re in the Matrix. Try out the demo if you like. 

There's easily room for a sequel, but which improves graphics and situations, and maybe includes some kind of Matrix-style story.


2. Sniper Elite VR


The first decent WW2 shooter has arrived in VR, and it’s not just for those who’ve been enjoying the console and PC versions for years. This one is a more engrossing game, with levels and all, but also with some fun modes too. Graphics are amazing and sniping has never been so real. 


There are some patches to come, and you might need to customise some of the settings to reduce annoyance, like the kill-cam for example, which isn’t to everyone’s taste. Don’t expect multiplayer co-op just yet, but if you buy and support this game, then more improvements, better story-lines and updates may arrive. 

3. Population: One


Battle Royale inside VR… and it works. But if it's not your thing, or are looking for a solo shooter, skip on down.


Squads here are 3-person only and you’ll need to pay for season passes etc. However, with wingsuit flying option and such immersive action, you’ll be hooked in this continual fight to 'stay in the game'. 


4. Robo Recall: Unplugged


It’s another short and sweet shooter, but also with some re-play longevity, with some special missions. You play as a ‘recaller’ who’s job it is to shut down rogue robots. It looks and feels great, despite being scaled down from the PC version. The robots are fun too. 


5. Arizona Sunshine


Everyone’s got an itch for zombie shooting, especially with so many movies about them on streaming services. A VR one is probably better than wishing for the real thing.


So then, this will get you out of your chair and into a 4+ hour campaign mode or just the wave-based hoard mode. As a bonus, both modes can be multiplayer, so if you’ve got a spare Oculus or a friend to hook-up with, then you must. You might be pleased to have someone to survive with too. 


Ok, that’s all folks, for this quickfire round-up of the very best shooters for Oculus Quest 2 VR right now. Happy shooting!


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