5 of the Best Halloween Costumes from Favorite Movies

19.10.2020, 11:16

Looking for Halloween costume ideas? Anything spooky goes at Halloween, because it allows for gothic but individual creations which can be a medley of almost anything remotely ghoulish or zombie-ish.



This excludes the actually scary, unless you’re plotting to pull off a specific ruse on a group of people (never a safe idea!). However, there are more contemporary options that always go down well, and are also instantly recognisable and fun.


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[Note: Halloween parties the year of writing this post (2020) will surely be subdued due to the restrictions regarding Covid-19, so please be sure to check the regulations for your area. However, at least facemasks can be worn with these costumes, which shouldn’t detract from their impact. If you have to postpone your Halloween party for a safer time, then this post can apply to a fancy-dress event instead!]


The Amusing Ghostbuster


Made relevant once again by references in Netflix’s 'Stranger Things', and by a brand new movie coming out, there’s never been a better time to suit up, and resurrect a Ghostbuster’s vocabulary and movie memories. 


There can be several Ghostbusters at a party, and it won’t matter. In fact, they can band together and pretend to have been part of a planned raid! They can also differ in terms of equipment and decoration such as cardboard proton packs to more authentic ones (herbicide or insecticide devices can work), slime collectors, ghost traps, boiler suit colors etc. - there’s big room for diversity and this always allows other party-goers to inspect the props with interest.


Even better, is an actual plan to go as a Ghostbuster squad, preferably all arriving at once (and fashionably late) in order to then declare the presence of a ghost and pretend to start investigating the party (gatecrashers may even be forgiven!)



The Creepy, Deadpan Professor Snape


The pivotal character of the Harry Potter books was also the best portrayed, by Alan Rickman. Despite the controversy this year surrounding the author of the Harry Potter books (which may likely get discussed anyway at some point during a party) there’s no arguing about the magical books and wide array of still-familiar characters to draw inspiration upon.


It’s probably best to avoid the overly familiar and go for the more enigmatic or darker ones. To name a few: Hagrid, Professor Snape, Dumbledore (or any wizard), the awesome Bellatrix Lestrange, unnerving ‘Mad-eye’ Moody and sulky Draco Malfoy. 


A Quirky Addams


The gothic, quirky 'anti-family' has made an updated return in the form of a 2019 CGI animation, but the earlier live action movies still stand up, with charismatic family members Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester and those chaos-causing kids Wednesday Addams and brother Pugsley to choose from. 



The Stripey 'Beetlejuice'


There are many characters from this 1980s Tim Burton movie you could opt for, and also many other Tim Burton characters in general, from 'Sleepy Hollow', 'Edward Scissorhands', 'The Corpse Bride' to the more recent 'Dark Shadows'. However, 'Beetlejuice' in particular gives every guy - or gal - the opportunity to wear a black and white striped suit, and change their hair to something certainly more zany. Just don’t go around impersonating Beetlejuice behavior as you’ll probably be thrown out. 



'Winter is Coming' 


If you want to make an entrance as a Jon Snow, Ned Stark or Arya Stark then go ahead and do so! This will win instant respect from the numerous lovers of 'Game of Thrones' at the party, and still look impressive as some kind of nordic vampire hunter. It will also keep you warm on the way, but be sure to explain later you’re not adorned with real fur (hopefully). Alternatively, you could go as a 'white walker', which should also celebrate the occasion. The only drawback is it will have to look as impressive as the costumes of the show, which could take time to find. But there is a particular style attached to the House of Stark that may well feature now at Halloween parties for some years to come. And if you can bring a foam-based sword or dagger replica - and break out in a fight with a fellow party-goer with a similar idea - then this would be dramatic, diverting and fun for all to behold.


Advice: try to avoid the non-spooky characters that may be too abstract or confusing, or the overly spooky ones, eg. costumes that may actually deter people, since it can really make party-goers uncomfortable, even though it achieves a certain objective (from your own perspective!).


These include: scary clowns in general (and especially Pennywise from ‘IT’ or The Joker), the mask of ‘The Scream’, and others from horror shockers like Freddie Krueger (maybe in moderation), the Halloween movies themselves, or Jigsaw from 'Saw'. Why choose these ones anyway, since there are so many more fun or interesting alternatives instead, including just any zombie from ‘The Walking Dead’ etc.


Whatever the case, amusing props that make noises or decorations show a more imaginative attempt to get into a character and show your love of a certain character trait or comedy film. Then, if the party is bad, then you can still play with your own toys. 


Whatever you decide to go for, make sure you feel like a comfortable, fearless ambassador of your beloved character, and have a good time!


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Main image credit = Ghostbusters.net


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