5 Great & Spooky Family Movies for Halloween (Netflix 2020)

14.10.2020, 18:02

Hello movie lovers, maybe you’re looking for something fun and spooky to watch this Halloween, which might even make you renew or continue your Netflix subscription. 



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But why? Well, just check out our top 5 best fun and spooky movies you can find right now. Of course, these aren’t particularly scary, since 'Horror movies' would be for another post. The following should be fine for most ages, especially 8+ or for all the family. Besides, any good movie needs to have some element of fear to make a strong impression!


The Corpse Bride



It’s better than The Nightmare Before Christmas, because there’s less singing but with character design and puppets still up to the same, exemplary standards. Tim Burton again brings his love of the gothic into this quirky, romantic story, but manages a much better balance and a lighter touch, despite the gloom. It's not all love and death, as there's plenty of action here too. [watch now]


Hotel Transylvania



Once it gets going, this lighthearted twist on Dracula who keeps a too-tight grip over his busy hotel and restless house-hold is just as fun as The Addams Family. There’s a lot of dialogue, which means younger kids might get bored, but the animation is good, and there’s also a sequel. Father-daughter relationship is a strong theme underpinning the movie. [watch now]


The Spiderwick Chronicles



The actor Freddie Highmore - from the Arthur and the Minomoy movies - stars as two characters here in another great kids movie based on these well-known kids books about the Grace children. Twins Simon and Jared, with their older sister Mallory, move into the Spiderwick Estate, and stumble across a world of fairies, dark and light. Containing both heart and imagination, this is a very entertaining film with plenty of drama. [watch now]





This one’s based on R. L. Stine’s book series, following a teenager who tries to save his town, because all the monsters are escaping from the books, unleashing chaos in the real world. Jack Black is interesting to watch as ever, especially in this role of a reclusive writer. [watch now]


Monster House



It’s a little dated, but back then it pioneered a ground-breaking animation technique later seen in The Polar Express. Despite this, the story and characters take centre stage, making for a good watch, with some decent scares for younger kids! The monster house in question invites intrigue and mystery, since it’s really a monster itself, that hates children. Of course, this means it’s up to a certain trio of teenagers to work together and face their fears. [watch now.]



And this concludes our perfect round-up of Halloween movies to stream this season, with all of the above mentioned currently available on Netflix. 


As the cold and mist sets in, it’ll be time to light the fire or turn up the heating and settle down for a cosy binge of these cinematic gems along with your traditional Halloween snacks. Remember, butternut squash soup still wins over pumpkin soup any day.


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Stay tuned for more round-ups from the Prizes Drop movie-buff experts. 



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