5 better (monetized) alternatives to Instagram

26.09.2019, 13:57

Facebook is loneliness. Controversial opening maybe, but it’s something to think about next time you’ve come up with a clever status message, or taken an enhanced photo. What you’re really doing is wanting to share and to reach people. 



Facebook was supposed to be a directory to help us keep in touch with our friends, but got filled up with so many features trying to retain our attention it began to take over; even replace our relationships with them. Not in all cases. 


Instagram (now owned by Facebook) is also loneliness, and has its darker side too, which is that most photos are filtered through our own particular filters, so that only the best aspects of our lives are shared. It can seem like some people spend their entire lives in the sun. We keep up appearances.


But... at least it’s a bit more immediate and visually creative. What is Instagram? It’s just photo-sharing really (and video sharing), and hash-tagging them so people might discover them. Or just for your friends (in which case don’t hashtag). Just remember they’d probably appreciate a phone call more than another selfie of you drinking a beer. 


You can join groups and follow leading lights or inspiring people, where you can risk getting lost in other people’s lives if you’re not careful, and never actually get anything constructive from using the app.



The more #worthwhile side


You can use social media and Instagram to build up an audience around a hobby or interest and follow like-minded people or hashtags. What do you love? Just as a random example, perhaps you love growing things in the garden and discovering new plants? Then you could document your trials and successes, make notes to help you remember their names, or where and when you planted them. This is helpful social media. The same goes for cooking, building, art, craftwork, music, professions… Just keep it focused. You’ll get some handy feedback on your experiments and preferences. This way, you’ll always be inspired, when you want to be. 


Life beyond Instagram is evolving


All this is fine, but there are also fresh alternatives to Instagram. Why? Because it's a chance to start over, and because Instagram doesn’t pay you anything. In fact, it’s more likely to steal your private data, or suffer outages, or get hacked, because all your photos are stored on central, company servers. 


So let’s take a look at a few of these alternatives emerging.


Some of them might use blockchain technology and can pay you in cryptocurrency or tokens, ie: they give you something back. This includes Bitcoin and Lightning Network (and btw we offer free Bitcoin vouchers here at Prizes Drop for well-behaved members completing our simple micro-tasks.)


These alternative sites may have more private log-ins, with longer keys. But that’s so that you retain access to your content and data. And they can encourage better content and quality, since you only get rewarded if any good.


So, once you’re all signed up, take some time to think about what you’re going to contribute. Is it just for your personal life, going out, visiting cafes, food… like hundreds of others? What does a community of content creators want to see? What do they want to follow and discover?


Most users like to feel informed or inspired, if not entertained. Maybe… you should spend some time offline for a while, learning to draw or cook and creating stuff you think others might want to see or share one day. In short, hold back on the ‘share’ button until you've got something. Instead, follow people you actually want to follow - and don’t forget your real life.


Showing off your skills and following others is okay.... It's called progress.





Appics is built on top of the Steem blockchain, so if you already have a Steemit log-in then you can try this out. For new users, it might take longer to get your Steem access (public and private keys) which will give you access to a whole ecosystem of secure dapps that use Steem.


It’s very much like Instagram only here you share photos, vote on others, get rewarded in the Appics native token (XAP) - if your stuff gets liked. There are 15 different categories to choose from, and each will have their ‘influencers’ who will moderate content and who can also promote better content. New users can become an influencer but it may take time. 


You can tag people. You can also conduct fast transactions to other users via the blockchain technology. Interestingly, APPICS uses the first ever Smart Media Token on Steem.


Steempeak.com is another dapp for posting pics onto Steem. Frankly, the range of features and possibilities it has integrated are stunning compared to dinosaurs like FB and Instagram. So you'll need to take time out to explore your 'monetized' Steem account, and just what it can do.




You can use Bittubers.com just to post photos to your profile page. You can also post them to groups and get rewarded in TUBES crypto. You can use hashtags to post to groups or interests, but there are limits based on your membership. (You can increase your membership via traditional payment means or by crypto.)  


Before all this you’ll need to spend time setting up your Bittube account and wallet, but you can log-in with Google, Facebook etc. Bittube is actually well-integrated across social media, with its AirTime browser extension and features, that even include a VPN. It's a good idea to get verified too but not essential.


On mobile it works well, and you can also share audio, video etc.




Part of the emerging Blockstack dapps, where one private log-in (also with in-built Bitcoin wallet) gives you access to a whole range of blockchain-based, monetized applications. Check them out now here. You’ll see Travelstack on the list, which ‘allows you to share the photos of your travels with the world while keeping hold of your data.’ This includes following ‘other travelers and their travels by connecting directly to their feed.’


It’s early days for some of these dapps, but that’s no reason not to start using, experimenting and enjoying the better ones. After all, it’s all with the same log-in, and it’s totally private.




You may have heard of this one! Pinterest has loads of users but it doesn’t reward and it’s not so ‘social’. However, this alternative Instagram option is arguably more inspiring. It provides tons of images on related subjects that give plenty of ideas for any subject under the sun. You can create your own ‘pin boards’ and populate them with your favourite findings, or across the web, for future reference. Terrific for budding designers, and you can make a name for yourself as one too. However, it’s also easy to get overwhelmed by ideas, so use it sparingly, and keep it focused. 




An up and coming community-run social networking site, Narrative.org is built on the NEO blockchain where you can earn NRVE points. It’s more for longer content, but you can post just photographs if you like, which may get voted on. You can also post them to ‘Niches’ so they get more views, and you can follow others like the Photography Niche, to vote yourself.


One day, you could even pay out some NRVE to run your own photography Niche, provided it’s original and gets agreed on by the community. 


It’s easy to join up, and the mobile app works well.


And... that concludes this round-up of Instagram alternatives. The blockchain-based 'dapps' mean that any earnings you make would need to be converted probably into Bitcoin and then into traditional money. This process is getting easier.


We also offer free Bitcoin vouchers here at Prizes Drop, for those completing our simple mini-tasks in your very own dashboard here. The points can also be used to swap for other vouchers like Amazon, Ethereum and many others. Then you could use some Bitcoin to buy a membership at Bittubers.com, as an example. 



Don’t forget to check out our other post: 5 best alternatives to Facebook (which features a few of these sites again.)



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