4 alternative websites where you can Earn Money

28.11.2019, 10:45

Engagement. It remains a key, magical word for any content platform online. Sites can receive tons of traffic but what will keep those users engaged? What will create a long-term, successful platform with continual growth (such as Facebook once stole from the clutches of MySpace and never looked back?) 



At Prizes Drop, we reward our members engaging with our website and completing our tasks, surveys or watching our ads. Free Bitcoin or Ethereum cryptocurrency is one of the rewards you can receive if you gain sufficient points. 


And there are other sites where you can transfer your Ether or Bitcoin to, spend it, share it or put it to use in interesting ways. Many of these utilise new, blockchain-based technology which allow you to earn even more. This can exchanged for traditional money, or fed back into the site and exchanged between members. 


In fact, there are plenty of bold and interesting projects emerging that could potentially disrupt the normal setup (where centralised companies control a platform, run adverts and rarely give anything back to their users). Censorship issues can also cause internal complication, interference and alienate users. Voting and curating of content with crypto can foster a ‘community-run’ platform, that even becomes one day independent even from its initial creators.


Let’s look at three new projects you can start using right now, that could potentially solve some of these issues:



1. ByWire


Getting paid to read the news and being able to reward writers for articles you like? This (EOS-based blockchain) project by a UK team is still in alpha mode but if you sign up early to the site it may well pay off, as you get some free WIREbits. You can stake WIREbits on the platform for interest, but you can also reward journalists directly for writing something you like. In fact, you just get paid for reading news stories in general. 


Signing up is easy because you can do it via Google or Facebook, and it provides you automatically with an EOS account. 


Just bear in mind it’s still being built, but you can read a lot about the project direction. Since every article is tracked on the blockchain, the idea is to combat fake news and bring an ecosystem for news engagement as a whole. Verified account holders will not be able to comment or spam the site. 


2. Creary.net



Are you an artist or content creator with something to show off? Another site (similar to Cent.co on Ethereum) will allow you to showcase work, create mini-galleries or portfolios and get rewarded by fellow users. An added benefit is it is registered on the Crea blockchain, proving yourself as the owner of the works or posts with a certificate of registration. Check out an example post.


It’s a similar platform to Steemit, with three interacting tokens to learn about. Crea is what you make from posting, but you can convert to any of the other two for different reasons, that encourage user engagement.


You can also create your own stock art marketplace on Creary, by offering images in your portfolio for sale directly to other users.


3. Flote



Social media dapp Flote is a social, privacy-centric platform, which allows for live-streaming and twitter-like posting in a simple, scrolling feed format. You won't be lost here as the design is a straight-forward Facebook alternative. The website works well and offer rewards for posting and sharing. Each account comes with a Bitcoin wallet built-in for receiving Bitcoin from other users, and supporting others (regularly).


In fact, you can create your own ‘tiers’, to allow only those who pay you monthly to have access to special content and posts. This is because Flote used to be Bitbacker, a crypto-fuelled Patreon alternative to help leading crypto-influencers actually get supported in crypto by crypto-lovers. Naomi Brockwell is among one of the users to follow, for starters, but you can create lists as in Friends and Family.


Flote has an improved look and should allow it to expand its existing features. You can link all your social media accounts easily.


4. Publish0x



Pubish0x allows its writers to get tipped and paid for articles they publish, primarily on the subject of cryptocurrencies. 


Once you’re signed up, you can choose to become an author, which involves a small application. But this is optional. As with ByWire, you get tipped as a reader too. Under each post is a slider that allows you to reward yourself, or the writer by percentage. 


It uses the Ethereum blockchain, so you'll need an associated wallet, but the platform is attempting to be ‘crypto-agnostic’ which means allowing for other cryptos on the site. There’s an affiliate/ambassador program allowing you to earn in other cryptos. It's not clear in  exactly crypto you receive payments in, although all rewards come from a reward pool.


 “Users earn cryptocurrency in real-time by consuming content produced by other users, maintaining their own personal blog as well as sharing great content." 


There’s no doubt you can learn a lot about cryptocurrency from reading different opinions and getting personal perspectives.


The issue with all such platforms is that every person thinks of themselves a writer or content creator, so without proper curation and expertise there’s a lot of bad content.  But with Publish0x the readership rewards is a way to encourage curation and the idea is that people not writing decent articles will stop contributing over time. 



None of these projects may offer a replacement for full-time employment, however the question becomes why one should we all spend time on platforms like Facebook, when you could be getting more back for your content, time and engagement online? Web3 is coming...


At Prizes Drop, we offer free Bitcoin and Ethereum for those completing our mini-tasks and gaining enough of our points. 



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