The 4 biggest games (to get lost in) when stuck at home

31.03.2021, 19:51

Many countries will soon perhaps be (steadily) emerging from full Covid-19 lockdown, or from various restrictions and curfews. Whatever the case, this may still leave you with some time to immerse yourself in some great and classic game titles; those which take you on journeys of exploration, intrigue, adventure and fantasy. Many have rich, exciting stories and some have wide RPG elements for allowing you to choose your own path and customise a unique involvement with the world. Some even combine both.



You may have played at least one or all of the following, because here we present our absolutely top, essential 4 picks. Check to see if you agree. 


If you've not yet have gotten round to exploring them, then reading this article may remind you of your commitments! They are a lot cheaper these days (perhaps even free with your subscription), and are widely available across all platforms, and perhaps on Stadia (meaning you don’t even need a console machine at all).


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- Red Dead Redemption 2


We’re all cowboys and cowgirls at heart, and this follow-up to the greatest wild western game ever made, is just as engrossing and even more beautiful. You’ll want to know everything that happens to Arthur, but it will take some time, so relax and enjoy the ride. Shooting multiple targets in slow-mo has never been so exciting.


The responsive world will get in the way of your attempt at pursuing only the storyline, but that’s the way it is with life too! Tons of content, mini-games and online content just keeps you committed to the world.

- Skyrim


Essential for all you fantasy-lovers who have loved RPGs or books by JRR Tolkien, and are now looking to create your own fantasy in a world inspired by Norse mythology and fantasy worlds. Skyrim is huge, so every time you create and start equipping or personalising your initial character you will soon find yourself playing and experiencing unique things. This includes various songs and even books you can read about the world of Tamriel. If you survive encounters with dragons and progress enough then the story only gets richer as your choices and powers do. Designed purely to be a single-player experience, its scale and resource management options are comprehensive. Of course, despite updates the graphics and engine may seem dated by today’s standards. The game itself, though, remains quite the undertaking. In fact, do you need any other game than this? There’s also a VR version, which is more for nostalgic players wishing to get even closer to Tamriel’s landscape and freedom - which it allows for. However, the RPG elements are really too exhausting for VR.


- No Man’s Sky


You don’t get more massive than this. Fundamentally the game celebrates the art of survival and exploration for space lovers, especially retro science-fiction fans raised on TV series like Battlestar Galactica. Since its first incarnation, many updates have improved the depth of the game, introduced multiplayer features, added companions and widened the creative aspect via base-building. The latest update (which we cover in this blog) adds Expeditions which are ‘galaxy-spanning’ challenges. In this mode, players are thrown into locations with only a certain array of tools on the same planet. They must then follow a course completing Milestones or challenges which earn certain rewards. 


No Man’s Sky is a beautiful game, and has been continually evolving for its dedicated fans, and fresh arrivals perhaps drawn to its unique, generated scale. It's so endless for exploration, it’s almost like a new type of platform which may forever be an artistic, escapist fabric for developers to expand on, and for players to escape into - and place their minds and imaginations. The VR version is also a treat.


- Subnautica


In the same vein as No Man’s Sky, but less endless and with a strong, pre-conceived progression. It’s a watery, immersive survival exploration / diving game set on an alien planet. Get ready for atmosphere and tension plunged amidst an imaginative depiction of alien sea life. It takes the best influences from movies like The Abyss and from actual sea life, and creates a gripping tension for the player, who has crash-landed and must explore to discover its secrets, and survive.


Atmosphere has been ramped up to the max, meaning that this one isn’t for the faint-hearted. It has the familiar variety of modes including Creative mode, which allows for base-building.


Subnautica - Below Zero is a follow-up title emerging soon, set in more arctic conditions and promising to be just as impressive.


So that’s it for our round-up of the biggest, longest - and greatest - video games to play during lockdown, or when stuck at home for many days. These games are about taking things a little slower, ‘enjoying’ the scenery and story options, and going deeper with character progression and world exploration. Some of them have been much improved via patches since their original release, and have come down dramatically in price. That’s not to say they’re particularly old, or should be overlooked. They are all classics which will be around for many years yet.


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